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headshot    A Message from Carolyn Tague, MA, CMT:         

I have been offering integrative bodywork for over 10 years.  My clients tend to have medically complex conditions, experiences of grief and loss, and/or somatically held psycho-spiritual issues.  I feel honored to hold space, facilitate a gentle inquiry, and invite the body to express and release held patterns that may no longer serve my client.  Modalities that I use to help facilitate this work include:

Degriefing®  (Level III practitioner) This work includes conversation and other therapy techniques to help facilitate transformation of grief into life affirming energy.

Rosen Method (Ongoing studies)  This work includes palpation of body's holding patterns often with conversation and inquiry with the body.

CranioSacral and Somato Emotional Release  This work is very gentle and will sometimes include dialoging with somatic voices to help understand the body's perspectives.

Reiki (Master) An ancient form of energy work.

Pranic Healing (Ongoing Studies) A collaboration of several ancient energy work sciences to help facilitate energy clearing and cleaning. 

Swedish & Esalen massage therapy Traditional soft tissue manipulation for muscle tension release and overall stress reduction through activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Depth Hypnosis (Ongoing studies) A multifaceted discipline created by Isa Gucciardi at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.  DH combines Buddhism, psychology, and shamanism from many indigenous traditions to offer a guided inquiry for clients seeking wholeness and healing.

 And, of course, many of my clients come for traditional massage with goals of relaxation and stress relief.  I am happy to offer Swedish & Esalen massage with detail work, gentle stretches and overall relaxation techniques.

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